Does My Child Need Therapy?

Does My Child Need Therapy?

By nature, parents are the first line of defense when it comes to identifying hiccups in a child’s development. It can be overwhelming to consider that your child may not be achieving their full potential.  While sometimes it can be obvious to see, other times it can be difficult.

Many times a child will enter our clinic from a pediatrician referral with a diagnosis. Some of these diagnoses include: Autism, Developmental Delay, ADD/ADHD, Apraxia, Speech Delay, Neuromuscular Disorder, and many more.  Children with these diagnoses respond very well to therapy and often get great results with the right specialized therapy intervention.

What Is Specialized Therapy And It's Purpose?

In our clinic, we focus on Occupational, Physical, Speech and Behavioral therapy.  The purposes of these are to reintegrate the brain and body to perform at an optimal level in order to thrive in life.  The main idea is to engage the brain through precise, prescribed physical movement, sensory input and many other skilled therapy interventions in order to reinforce and create new neuronal pathways in the brain.  Think of these brain pathways like a field of tall grass. Walking through the field again and again will create a clear path from the starting point to the destination.  Strengthening these pathways causes the brain to reorganize making it more efficient, which will improve coordinated movements, social skills, speech, critical thinking skills as well as daily living skills.


How Do I Know If My Child Is In "Normal" Range?

The only way to know abnormal, is to appreciate normal.  While no one is perfect, there are is an average of what’s considered to be acceptable in the human body.

Each of our expert therapists are trained to identify what normal is, in order to first identify and correct these challenges in your child.


Our Focused Approach

At Champion Pediatric Therapy, our main goal to provide exceptional care for our patients through accurately identifying children’s challenges and correcting them.  We also believe that progress made shouldn’t stop in the clinic but should continue outside our walls as well.  This combination of specific therapy with a solid foundation of education to the parents will ensure that your child will thrive and unlock his/her fullest potential!  Or what we like to call, their greatest inner Champion!

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