Neuro-Developmental Dysfunction - Our Practice Focus

Traditional Therapy vs. Neuro-Developmental Correction

At Champion Pediatric Therapy, we have a unique focus to getting kids well.  It’s the focus of detecting and correcting a condition coined in our practice as Neuro-Developmental Dysfunction or NDD. Identifying NDD has allowed us to prescribe a unique and powerful way of helping each individual child overcome developmental struggles they may face.

What is NDD?

Our explanation of NDD is described as a child’s inability to accurately process his or her environment and execute everyday developmental skills. Let’s say that the brain and nervous system are like a highway and the cars are the messengers that tell it what to do. NDD creates a traffic jam where traffic doesn’t flow, some cars trickle by and other cars take alternate routes. Immediately, as a result, our children can experience a multitude of “symptoms” or what we call Secondary Conditions.

Secondary Conditions and Causes of NDD.

Secondary Conditions of NDD can be: ADHD, loss of coordination, speech delays, difficulty with fine motor skills, poor muscle tone, poor social skills and feeding challenges, just to name a few. The cause can stem from multiple reasons – from having a premature birth, to complications in utero, to a traumatic injury or from a developmental diagnosis such as: Autism, or Cerebral Palsy for example.

A Unique Approach To Care.

By identifying and measuring these challenges, we can then correct and improve them.  For instance, every step of care at Champion Pediatric Therapy, from the initial interactions, to the individual treatment is designed to strengthen the bond between therapist, child and parent.  In addition, every meticulous detail of our clinic from the color of the walls, the temperature of our lighting, each room’s setup, and our transitional techniques all factor in for an optimal environment.  

Not all therapy is built the same, and we love the fact that we offer something different.  Our expert knowledge, therapeutic method, and emphasis on parent education, combined with our specialized clinic, sets the foundation for the optimal course of action to help children gain their maximal functional independence and self-confidence.


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