Champion Therapeutic Model

At Champion Pediatric Therapy, we believe every child is unique in their strengths and challenges.  Our state-of-the-art therapeutic environment was created to offer every child the opportunity to unlock their fullest potential, or what we call, their greatest inner Champion.  Each of our therapies are integrated to provide a variety of services to meet the needs of each individual child.

Our Therapy Focus

At Champion Pediatric Therapy, we are the experts in the treatment and improvement of Neuro Developmental Dysfunction, or simply NDD.  Children experiencing NDD may demonstrate a delay in developmental milestones, physical abilities, social skills, daily activities, and/or speech & language skills.  These deficits pose significant risk to the growth and development of our children.  At Champion Pediatric Therapy, we combine a one-of-a-kind therapeutic environment, with the just right, child-unique intervention to take your child to their next level of independence and confidence.

Individualized + Customized

Champion Pediatric Therapy offers uniquely customized treatment programs that are individualized to your child's strengths and challenges. No two children are the same, so their therapy plan shouldn't be either.


Parent Enrichment + Empowerment

Champion Pediatric Therapy goes the extra mile to ensure that our parents are well educated on therapeutic techniques that are effective for your child, in the clinic setting. We actively engage parents in therapy and provide education workshops to promote continuity of treatment into the home and natural environments.


Intensive + Evidence Based Therapy Model

Research proves that intensive therapy treatment plans demonstrate a highly significant impact in the carryover of skills. At Champion Pediatric Therapy, we offer treatment programs that will engage and reach your child to provide the upmost potential for growth and development.


Providing Your Child the 'Just Right' Challenge