Making Mealtime Fun Again

At Champion Pediatric Therapy, we take great pride in presenting our specialized feeding program.  Our clinic was designed with attention to detail for our feeding program.  This sets the platform for us to offer the ultimate feeding therapy experience in the most effective therapeutic model.  Our feeding sessions are interactive, fun, messy and jam packed with a whole lot of sensory play!


SENSORY & ORAL MOTOR approach to feeding

Our intense Feeding Therapy program at Champion Pediatric Therapy is led by expertly trained therapists who practice a variety of effective therapeutic approaches to feeding therapy. These approaches comprise our Feeding Program at Champion.   Our Feeding Therapy program is a highly effective way to address problematic feeding behaviors and “picky eating” or what we refer to as an Oral Sensory Approach to feeding.  This includes evaluation of the "whole child" - organ systems, muscles, development, sensory processing, oral motor skills, learning, behavior, cognition, nutrition and the environment. 

Feeding Therapy at Champion is facilitated with fun and engaging methods that enable children to become comfortable with foods by exploring food properties in a playful and non-stressful way in a group setting with peers.  Parents will participate in the feeding session in the feeding room, or observing the session through our Caregiver Observation Room via a one-way mirror. In addition, parents regularly receive education and home programming strategies from their child’s therapist.  This encourages successful carryover of therapeutic techniques in the home environment. 

In addition to our Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding, each of our Feeding Therapists are also trained and practice an Oral Motor Approach to feeding. Oral Motor skills are essential mouth skills which allow us to bite, chew, move our food, close our lips and so much more. Many of these skills we don’t have to think about, however for a child with oral motor skill deficits, eating can be very challenging without these skills. Our Oral Motor Approach to feeding has helped many children become successful eaters, drinkers and even speakers!

Feeding Therapy at Champion is fun… it is intensive to get the best carryover… and it is effective! If you would like to learn more about our feeding program at Champion, schedule a complimentary consultation and tour with us!