Frequently Asked Questions

Q: if i think my child is experiencing delays, what should i do?

A: If you believe your child may be experiencing some sort of developmental delay, but are unsure, you can schedule a complimentary consultation and tour of our clinic.  One of our expert therapists will assist you and guide you.

Q: what happens at our first visit?

A: Upon your first visit to Champion Pediatric Therapy, our friendly staff and team will warmly welcome you to our clinic.  Your child may enjoy our child-friendly Waiting Room while you can enjoy our inviting and relaxing Caregiver Nook.  Your child's evaluating therapist will complete your child's initial evaluation in one of our Evaluation Rooms, keeping in mind we are flexible and may also use our gyms and sensory rooms - whichever is most appropriate and comfortable for your child.  Our therapists make every session fun and engaging!  Immediately upon completion of the initial evaluation, your therapist will give you a guided tour of our clinic, and finally schedule a Patient Recommendation Conference.

q: what happens during the evaluation process?

A:  Our evaluation process is very thorough.  It consists of: the Pre-Evaluation Phone Interview to obtain medical information, the Initial Evaluation Session, the Patient Recommendation Conference and finally scheduling of therapy sessions.  We've created this thorough evaluation process to benefit all of our patients by offering the most comprehensive services.

Q: why is your therapy program unique?

A: Champion Pediatric Therapy was founded with the vision to be San Antonio's most unique place for pediatric therapy.  We have designed a state-of-the-art clinic with the upmost attention to detail for all of our patients needs, as well as for our specialized therapy.  In addition, we have established an experienced therapist team which works collaboratively to integrate therapies as well as implement the most current and evidence-based treatment.