Sensory-Friendly & Safety Halloween Tips

With fall right around the corner, many parents may have already started to think about all the fun that comes with Halloween. Here are some helpful tips to get you and your little ghost ready for a fun-filled night.


Costume suggestions:

  • Incorporate your child’s own ideas when deciding on a potential costume

  • Seamless costumes may help your child feel more comfortable

  • Have your child wear the costume around the house before wearing it on Halloween night

  • Washing your child’s costume a few times may help the fabric soften and feel more complacent

  • Weighted vests and costumes with learning objects (lace, zippers, buttons…) on them will help your child improve their fine motor skills without them even realizing it!

  • Be creative- sometimes the best costumes are the ones made from home. This may be a better option since your child is familiar with their own clothes.

  • Making sure they are comfortable is the #1 most important part of the costume process; if they are not comfortable, they probably won’t want to wear it later

Safety precautions when going trick-or-treating:

  • Talk to your child about street safety (not running in the street, staying with their parents...etc)

  • Go out at earlier times so that it’s not very dark when you are walking around outside

  • If you are walking around at night, bring glow-in-the-dark sticks/jewelry or a flashlight to have more light, while also adding something fun for your child

  • Before eating any candy, check the wrappers to make sure they are not open

Fun Learning Activities With Treats:

  • Encourage spatial and visual motor skills by helping your child sort treats by color, size and shape

  • Counting treats can be a fun way to work on math skills

  • Practice in hand manipulation skills by picking up 2-4 treats at a time with one hand