Providing Your Child the

'Just Right' Challenge

At Champion Pediatric Therapy, we believe every child is unique in their strengths and challenges.  Our state of the art therapeutic environment was created to offer every child the opportunity to unlock their fullest potential, or what we call, their greatest inner Champion.  Each of our therapies are integrated to provide a variety of services to meet the needs of each individual child.


Occupational Therapy

Our highly skilled and experienced occupational therapists offer a holistic, child-centered approach with fun and engaging therapy techniques to facilitate improvement in your child's fine motor skills, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory motor skills, coordination, self-help skills, feeding skills and sensory processing deficits.


Speech Therapy

Our highly skilled speech-language pathologists design their therapy techniques to bring out your child's age-appropriate communication. This includes articulation skills, receptive language, expressive language, social skills, cognitive-communication skills, swallowing skills and more.  In addition, they assess and treat the important oral motor skills necessary for speech and language.


Physical Therapy

Our skilled physical therapists offer creative and enjoyable therapy interventions to target your child's functional performance and independence.  They focus on improving your child's gross motor skills, gait (training), neuro-muscular deficits, sport related injuries, as well as obtain any adaptive equipment necessary to maximize your child's functional participation and independence. 


Feeding Therapy

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Enrichment Groups

Participating in therapy in a small group setting can be very encouraging and rewarding.  Peer involvement promotes social skills, play skills, interpersonal development and confidence.  At Champion Pediatric Therapy, we know firsthand how successful group therapy can be.  Our skilled therapists determine if each child is qualified to benefit from therapy in a small group setting.  We offer the following therapy groups:


Chow Time - Feeding Groups

Our skilled feeding groups approach intervention to picky eating like no other.  Our expert therapists are trained in and follow the SOS Approach to Feeding and make feeding FUN!  Sensorimotor, tactile and proprioceptive play are big areas of focus in our feeding groups! Feeding groups are held year round.

Fun With Friends - Social Skills Groups

What better way to develop strong, lasting social skills in your child than with a small group setting. Our social skills group curriculum is fun-filled to engage and encourage your child to bring out their greatest inner Champion!

Leapin' Letters - Handwriting Groups